Anne Harland

If ever friends were sent to one
From the Maker up above
The Bosom Buddies were to me,
And delivered with mounds of love.

It was in the spring of ’99
I was in the ‘depths of despair’
Having moved after years on PEI
I thought all my friends still there!

But then one day I read the news
About the ‘Bosom Buddies” team
Together in a dragon boat
The answer to a good dream!

Paddling is only one small part
The friendship is so much more
Such strength and determination
I’ve never seen before.

Sometimes we are oh so serious
The recurrences do knock us out
But out upon on the water
There is no time to doubt.

Rotate and reach, dig the paddle deep
The drumbeat sets the pace
We are in this boat together
And it is a mighty race!

Our courage grows by doing I’ve learned
We must live to enjoy each day
The Bosom Buddies are quiet angels
Who have brightened up my way!

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