I sit back many times over, and marvel at all the wonderful ‘spirit’s that fill up our boat(s)
when we are paddling on Lake Banook. We are all different shapes , sizes, and all ages…but
yet we all hold one major thing in common. we are TRUE BUDDIES to one another.

Since becoming a member, July 14, 2003, I immediately sensed the bond holding these women
together; and I wanted to be part of it all.

At my first practice, I didn’t have a ‘clue’ how to even get into the life jacket, yet
Debbie Pottie came right up to me and zipped me ‘in’… I knew then, this was a team that
truly ‘cared’ for one another, to keep each other ‘safe’ in so many ways.

Coming ‘off the Lake from the very ‘first’ practice, it was our dear Buddie Ginny, who made a
definite point to come over to me and say ” Good job!! Buddie!!!!!!” with her wonderful smile,
that was always so evident.

I got into my car and thought, “But I didn’t even know how to paddle.????” I very easily
could say something wonderful about each of my Buddies, but ‘space’ will not allow . They all
know , I treasure each of them deeply. I do especially want to thank Grace Johnston, for her very quiet and gentle manner, of asking me for 2 years !!!
“To come and try it , just for one evening, Eileen”.

Ha.. now I wonder….Why DID I wait so long??? As I haven’t missed many practices!
Since joining, I have seen, such deep courage, amongst some Buddies, as they faced re-occurrences. I also know , their courage has and always will , remain with me.
Laughter is known to be good for the soul; we definitely know how to enjoy some hilarious moments
at practice, and more importantly, how to laugh at ourselves. We all know how to hold onto each
day and be thankful for what we have been given, we are strong women, physically and mentally.
How fortunate we also are to have the 2 coaches, Trena and Peg, for their support and
encouragement, developing us, into the athletes we all have become.

Paddles Up… Take ‘er Away… SPLASH!