I am so proud of our team – the strength and determination is evident
at every practise and at every festival. Humour is found in almost
every situation, it’s what keeps us sane. The sound of laughter ringing
over the water is music to the ears as we have recaptured the joy of
life through paddling. The new friends – near and far – are forever!

Paddles high Paddles low
To the races we will go
Its not an easy feat, so take a seat
Paddles high Paddles Low

Paddles Up Paddles down
We are here from out of town
So raise a toast We are from the east coast
Paddles Up Paddles down

Paddles in Paddles out
We know what its about
We’ve had the heart, right from the start
Paddles in Paddles out

Paddles deep Paddles long
Together we are strong
Alone I am me, Bosom Buddies are we
Paddles deep Paddles long