What does Bosom Buddies mean to me? So hard to express my feelings on paper.
This group has brought out another side of me that was long forgotten or I
didn’t know.

I was diagnosed August 1999, had surgery that same month, went through chemotherapy and radiation. Was off work for six months. March 2000 I went back to work. That October I had volunteered to help CBCF Atlantic Chapter with painting baskets for Breast Cancer Awareness Day Luncheon. This is where I
met two ladies from Bosom Buddies. They talked about the team and the paddling. Asked how I could get involved. I have been a member since October 2000.

Who would have thought that breast cancer would be what would help me become an all around healthier person: body, mind and soul. The confidence and spirit that I have now, Bosom Buddies helped me find. When need be there is always an ear that you can bend. We share the same understanding of our fears, happiness and sadness. When we are out on the lake, the enjoyment and the inner peace that I
get as we paddle as one is beyond words. Just before a race I have butterflies in my stomach, but as we come up to the start line I have learned to keep “focus in the boat”. As soon as I hear the words “Paddles ready, Paddles up, Attention please” the butterflies and fears are gone. Sometimes near the end of a race
when I feel I’m hitting the wall and I can’t go on, I remind myself that if I was strong enough to survive breast cancer I’m strong enough to finish the race. I’ve made it. The rush that I get when we cross the finish line is the best feeling – the feeling of being alive. Again, what does Bosom Buddies mean to

It means that I’m alive and enjoying life to its fullest.